Inspiring, Funny and Insightful – Hire Fred to Speak

Hi, my name is Fred Ford and I’m an enthusiastic and humorous speaker.  My speaking career commenced in 1983 as a stand-up comedian.  The highlight of my 22-year comedy career was opening for Gabe Kaplan, star of Welcome Back Kotter.  In 1996 I began a lifelong study of human potential.  I read and studied hundreds of books on personal development, spiritual, and metaphysical topics.  In 2008 I was trained by some of the most dynamic public speakers in the industry, including Les Brown, John Maxwell, and Bob Proctor.  Upon completion of the training, I founded Fred Ford LifeSuccess.  My life is never more “on purpose” than when I am sharing the life-changing information I have studied and applied to my own life. There’s no better feeling than seeing the spark in someone’s eye as new, life-changing information enters their minds for the first time.

Here are some of my topics:

Visualization to Manifest Life-Changing Results

  • How to use creative visualization techniques to manifest unprecedented results
  • Proper use of affirmations and breathing-in visualization
  • Guided visualizations and the movies in your mind

The Greatest Miracle in the World

  • 45-minute keynote speech that dramatizes a word-for-word recital of “The God Memorandum”, the most influential chapter of any book I’ve ever read, from Og Mandino’s The Greatest Miracle in the World (hint: it’s the story of YOU).

Blueprint for Success

  • 1-day seminar
  • Identify your Purpose Statement and Personal Mission Statement
  • Create a personal, unique blueprint for success
  • The 5 keys to manifesting your absolute best

Custom topics are also available, pending consultation.

For more information or for availability, call 631-286-6078 or email [email protected].